Monday, 4 April 2011

A day in the shop - Thursday 30th March

So some days in the shop you can't help but notice a bit of a theme with people's style. Thursday was a bit of a vintage mix - with cable knits and denim shorts. I didn't get chance to photograph everyone that came in - but there was a definiate theme of burnt orange and burgundy to brighten up the neutrals....

Louise Wade from Newcastle adds a splash of colour to a cable cardie and denim shorts - loving the burgundy tights and well-loved Converse.

Another Cable knit worn by Sophie Wears from Manchester - classic vintage accessories, chain strap bag and tassle loafers are tied together with a burnt orange scarf. Chris Slade from Leeds brings life to plain black with Orange Nike's

Richard Smith from Oxford buys some new Me&Yu tees to wear with his classic chino's and orange check shirt - but I particularly like his army style canvas bag.

Sometimes all you need is a nice lipstick to accessorise - Stef from Liverpool chooses a bright orange-red for maximum glamour.