Thursday, 13 October 2011

October Street-style by SassyHorse x

Will is just 15 his jazzy shirt is from Pop Boutique whilst his dapper coat was a bargin from the jumble sale that is tx maxx but worth it as its French Connection no less. Old Skool style belt buckle comes via Games Station.
Rose not only has a great name but already has a good eye for making highstreet fashion look more individual at 16 with a steak of red in her locks and a spot of pink on her nails. Her top is from Select,coat from Star 21 and cool earrings from Asda.
Super cute Kim is also 16 her top is from Primark and her snazzy hair dye job is a style she has rocked for the past 2-3 months and she tells me everyone loves it including her mum!.
The stunning Heather is 24 her pretty frock is old Topshop aka vintage. And the lush warm coat is second hand and tells us winter is truly on its way!
Last but by no means least we have Ellie 16 whos tshirt was purchased via The Wombats website and her dm's came from the Doc Martins shop and look ace teamed with tights from Primark.

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Friday, 7 October 2011

September Manchester Street Style

So... one Saturday in September the lovely Aleesha spied these great looks 
in the Northern Quarter of Manchester!!!

Lily wears Top from Topshop - love the lace sleeves!!

Nicola wears cardigan and top from Topshop

Chris wears Shirt from Rewear

Bonnie wears H&M and Primark with her own sense of style!

Reagan wears vintage shorts and jumper from H&M with gorgeous vintage bag she hunted down on ebay!